Our dog grooming story is your pet care story!

Offering dog grooming and pet care solutions that are applicable at home!

HUG: noun. /hʌɡ/:  to hold someone close to your body with your arms, usually to show that you like, love, or value them.

ΑΓΚΑΛΙΑ {f} /agaʎá/ agalia: the Greek word for hug.

HUGALIA: The name we gave to our effort to reach you, the fellow pet parents, and help you keep your pets healthy, clean, happy, and comfortable.

All dogs, all pets surely are huggable by definition; Let’s give them more hugs, more cuddles!

Many dog baths ago... 

HUGALIA’s journey started and is still unfolding much like your journey- or better: your struggle! -when you try to give your dog a bath or search to find the best dog grooming place in town. We need that amazing shampoo, brush, fast drying towel, super cool robot vacuum and every other gadget to save us from the fur-nado!


Inspired by our beloved family member Crema - a.k.a. the-dog-that-used-to-smell, we started long ago a quest to find the best dog hygiene and pet care products and solutions to cater for her.



Crema urgently needed what we call a "bed/sofa pass": While trying to deal with Crema’s bad doggy smell – sorry Crema, not your fault at all! -, it did not take long to realize that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.



 While general rules may apply, every dog requires a specific approach and products selection to efficiently cater to their individual grooming needs: A wrong dog shampoo, an incompatible coat mask, improper drying and brushing, results in poor coat and skin health. Dead undercoat, tangles, dirt, sebum accumulation, parasites, atopic skin, create an unhygienic skin and coat environment, compromising the overall health, comfort, and of course overall cleanliness of each pet.

Realizing that, and supported by amazing professional Pet Groomers, we intensively searched for a long-term solution for our Crema. And we found it, teaming up with producers of quality tested (by pet professionals), designed exclusively for pets, with natural and cruelty-free ingredients, Dog Grooming products for home use.

A universe of pet grooming at your home

 Now, it brings us immense joy to be able to provide our furry friends from all over the world with the benefits of these high-quality products through our store. Similarly, we are happy to provide you with the opportunity to offer them professional groomer’s level bathing and overall coat and skin care routine, whether you do it yourself at home or have selected products with you when visiting your groomer.

We are determined to continue our mission to create a tested, reliable, affordable pro-level but for-home-use dog grooming universe with more products and knowledge for your furry companions.

Our promise is to continue researching, consulting, testing ourselves and ultimately choosing and offering solutions that are designed for pets, are simple yet effective, respect the pets’ wellbeing and safety. Although we will be growing our offerings soon, we will never recommend any product unless we have already used it before or before you provide us with positive feedback in advance!

After all, “anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog”, don’t you agree?