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Dog Bath Bundle for Bad Smell and Odors | Antifungal | "Smelly Dog"

Dog Bath Bundle for Bad Smell and Odors | Antifungal | "Smelly Dog"

The sweet-smelling hugs with your dog are back!

Balance the dog's coat health and get rid of the unpleasant dog smell.

- Fight bad odors with Derma Equilibrium Dog Shampoo , ideal for atopic or sensitive skin and designed for frequent use.

- Combine with Top Dog Natural Dog Conditioner, a softening emulsion with plant Keratin, vitamin E, and nourishing oils for deep moisturization.

- Maintain the no-bad-odor effect with Ear & Skin Care 3in1. Its bio-active silver micro-particles and essential oils neutralize bacteria and act against fungus.

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We love our dogs no matter what, but we could do without the cheesy smell right? Yeast, excess sebum production, poor hygiene and grooming can lead to unpleasant persistent smell that needs to be addressed. The combination of the natural ingredients present in this powerful set, effectively and naturally target the causes of malodor restoring skin balance and overall coat health allowing the skin and hair to ventilate and regulate properly. So, get those sweet smelling hugs with your dog back!


Bundle's combined benefits:
| Deep cleansing and neutralization of bacteria
| Help in preventing ear infections
| Deodorant properties for the whole body
| Healing action
| Strengthens the pet's defenses against fungi and yeasts
| Daily hygiene
| Deep moisturization
| Damaged Coat restoration
| Easy combing
| Quick drying
| Shine & silky touch
| Vegan
| Eliminates unpleasant smell in dogs
| Restores skin balance and sebum production
| Ideal for sensitive or atopic skin
| Helps remove dandruff
| Money-saving, dilutable shampoo - 1:10 ratio (shampoo : water)

Natural Origin Ingredients

DERMA EQUILIBRIUM Dog Shampoo: Ultrapure Water | Aloe Vera | Non-nano Colloidal Silver | Olive Oil | Primrose Oil | Tea Tree Oil | Vitamin E

NATURAL Dog Conditioner: Ultrapure Water | Aloe Vera | Olive Oil | Argan Oil | Primrose Oil | Jojoba Oil | Calendula Oil | Basil Essential Oil

EAR&SKIN 3in1: Ultrapure Water | Silver Microparticles 24ppm | Mint extract | Tea Tree essential Oil


Suitable for dogs with malodor issues, excess sebum production, sensitive skin

How to use

Shampoo: Dilute according to the dilution guide provided on the packaging. For optimum cleansing and ingredient activation, apply half of the diluted product to a dry or damp coat, massage it in, rinse well, and repeat with the remaining diluted product. Conditioner: Dilute according to the instructions provided on the packaging. Apply the mixture to your pet's coat, massage, and rinse well. If possible leave on for a few minutes. Deodorant:
Spray freely and evenly throughout the coat.

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