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Dog Coat Care Bundle for tangled / matted furs | "Coat Detangle"

Dog Coat Care Bundle for tangled / matted furs | "Coat Detangle"

and every day is good dog hair day!

Easy brushing for all dog coats, especially the long-haired

Miracle Detangler , an effective antistatic lotion that remarkably helps to detangle dense knots and matted fur, by its blend of water-soluble silicones, antistatic agents, Vitamin E and plant-based Keratin. Does not require rinse and leaves no residue.

Easy Comb , an easy to use, no-rinse-requiring, antistatic combing Lotion for dogs, that makes everyday combing effortless and painless. With Plant Keratin and softening agents.

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Regular brushing of your dog is essential to keep the dog coat free from debris, tangles and knots. It also removes dead hair and distributes natural oils helping keep the coat and skin healthy and balanced. For long haired and double coated dogs aiding products such as Miracle Detangler and Easy Comb is key in order to make your job easier and the process more comfortable for the pet.


Bundle's benefits:
| Easy daily combing and brushing
| Helps detangling
| Eliminates static electricity
| Prevents frizz
| Offers a silky texture
| Does not grease the coat
| Protects and nourishes the coat
| Does not require rinsing
| Vegan

Natural Origin Ingredients

MIRACLE DETANGLER: Ultrapure Water | Glycerin | Plant-based Keratin | Olive Oil | Vitamin Ε

EASY COMB: Ultrapure Water | Olive Oil |Plant Keratin


Suitable for dogs , cats, rabbits and horses

How to use

Miracle Detangler -Spray directly on the knots and the brush and comb gently until the knots loosen up.
Easy Comb:
Spray daily on a dry coat from a distance of about 20 cm. Spray freely and evenly throughout the coat, avoiding the eyes and nose of the pet.
Brush/ Comp the coat with a pet-suitable comb or brush, always following the direction of the coat.
Do not require rinsing.

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