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Dog Conditioner with 90% Natural Ingredients | "Natural"

Dog Conditioner with 90% Natural Ingredients | "Natural"

200 mL

Effortless grooming perfection!

Achieve a soft, lavish dog coat and help with its brushing

- Dog conditioner, with 90% Natural Ingredients creating a softening emulsion of nourishing oils that deeply moisturize the skin while enriching the hair with Panthenol, plant Keratin and vitamin E.

- Speeds up drying process, softens and adds volume.

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The Natural Pet Coat conditioner is a nourishing emulsion with oils, light silicones, Panthenol, Keratin, and Vitamin E. It deeply moisturizes, repairs damaged hair, adds volume, aids in knot loosening, and speeds up drying.


| Deep moisturization
| Damaged Coat restoration
| Easy combing
| Quick drying
| Shine & silky touch
| Vegan

Natural Origin Ingredients

Ultrapure Water | Aloe Vera | Olive Oil | Argan Oil | Primrose Oil | Jojoba Oil | Calendula Oil | Basil Essential


Suitable for dogs, cats, and horses.

How to use

Dilute it first in hot water and add cold water until lukewarm. Apply the mixture to your pet's coat, massage, and rinse well. If possible Leave on for a few minutes. Towel dry and proceed drying with a hair dryer at a safe distance and temperature.

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