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Dog Conditioner with Organic Ingredients | "Innocence"

Dog Conditioner with Organic Ingredients | "Innocence"

500 mL

Experience the bliss of tangle-free cuddles!

Moisturize the dog coat and skin and facilitate easy brushing.

- Suitable for all coats types, especially for dry and damaged dog hair.

- With natural organic ingredients such as Organic Olive Oil, Calendula Oil, Glycerin, and essential fatty acids.

- Eliminates tangles and knots even on wet coat.

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The Innocence Dog Conditioner is a Vegan product for long-lasting conditioning. Complements Innocence Shampoos for soft, shiny coats. Say goodbye to tangles and enjoy its anti-frizz effect. Enriched with organic calendula and olive oil, panthenol, and essential fatty acids for deep hydration and nourishment. Strengthens skin barrier and promotes coat health. Easy rinsing and delightful powdery smell.


| Offers a soft and shiny coat
| Has anti-frizz effect
| Detangles knots and matted fur
| Makes brushing easier (even on wet coats)
| Speeds up drying process

Natural Origin Ingredients

Organic Olive oil | Organic Calendula oil | Organic Soybean oil


Dog Conditioner for all coat types and especially for dry, damaged hair

How to use

Apply a small amount all over the coat and gently massage it in the hair. Leave on for a few minutes if possible and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water making sure to leave no residue. Towel and blow dry using low to medium heat. Keep the hair dryer at a safe distance from the coat.

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