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Dog Ear Cleaner with Antifungal Properties | "Ear & Skin 3in1"

Dog Ear Cleaner with Antifungal Properties | "Ear & Skin 3in1"

150 mL

Daily cleanse, protect, and care for those doggy ears and coat!

Dog Ears cleaning, coat deodorization and irritations care, in one bottle!

- Water-based, hypoallergenic, and antifungal ear spray for the daily hygiene of pets with skin conditions, strong odors, or sensitive ears.

- With Bio-active silver micro-particles, Tea Tree and Mint essential oils for additional deodorization and skin problems treating action.

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Ear & Skin Care 3in1 is a triple action vegan spray for complete dog care. It serves as an ear cleaner, coat deodorant, and skin barrier strengthener. Formulated with bio-active silver micro-particles, Tea Tree, and Mint essential oils, it deeply cleanses, neutralizes smell causing bacteria, and strengthens defenses against fungi and yeasts. Essential for dogs with skin conditions, strong odors, and sensitive ears prone to infections. Easy to use for daily hygiene.


| Deep cleansing and neutralization of bacteria
| Help in preventing ear infections
| Deodorant properties for the whole body
| Healing action
| Strengthens the pet's defenses against fungi and yeasts
| Daily hygiene

Natural Origin Ingredients

Ultrapure Water | Silver Microparticles 24ppm | Mint extract | Tea Tree essential Oil



How to use

Cleaning - Use on ears
Spray on a cotton disc or cotton cloth and clean the area around the ear canal. If there are a lot of dirt and secretions, spray directly into the ear.
Protection, Healing - Use on wound
Spray directly on the affected area to immediately relieve itching and accelerate wound healing.
Deodorant properties - Use on the whole body
Spray freely and evenly throughout the coat, avoiding the eyes and nose of the pet. If you accidentally spray the eyes or nose, rinse with water.

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