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Dog Grooming Bundle for Color Restoration | "White Dogs"

Dog Grooming Bundle for Color Restoration | "White Dogs"

for maintaining brilliant white dog coats!

Gently restore bright white color and remove tear stains 

Whitening Dog Shampoo, featuring Blue Dye to restore the white brilliance to the dog's coat and fortified with 40% Active Aloe, Olive Oil, TiO2, and Silicones for enhanced shine. Without hydrogen peroxide or bleaching agents.

Honeycomb Natural Sea Sponge, for optimum application and effectiveness of the Whitening shampoo, topped with antifungal and irritations-free action.

No More Stains Dog Tear Stains Cleaning emulsion. Ophthalmologically tested, multi-action cleansing designed specifically to naturally remove tear stains around dogs' eyes. 

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Westies, Maltese, Samoyed, Bichon Frise, Coton de Tulear are only a few of the furry buddies that come in white only. These snowy furry companions need specialized and regular grooming to maintain their coat, hair around their eyes, mouth and paws white. Utilizing the natural whitening power of indigo dye in "Whitening" Dog Shampoo and Fruit acid extracts in "No more Stains" you can maintain the natural white on your dog without the use of any bleaching agents!


Bundle's combined benefits:
| Ophthalmologically tested (No More Stains), cleans tear stains
| Moisturizes and Soothes
| Regenerates cells
| Vegan
| Bright white color for dogs without bleaching agents
| Does not damage the hair
| Lasting white color and brightness
| Soft and weightless coat
| Money-saving, dilutable shampoo - 1:20 ratio (shampoo : water)
| Does not irritate the skin

Natural Origin Ingredients

WHITENING Dog Shampoo: Ultrapure Water | Ultrapure Water | Aloe Vera | Bentonite Clay | Olive Oil | Primrose Oil | Vitamin E

NO MORE STAINS: Ultrapure Water | Blueberry | Sugarcane | Orange | Lemon Maple | Euphrasia | Hamamelis | Chamomile | Green Tea | Vitamin E & C

HONEYCOMB Natural Sea Sponge: 100% Natural, harvested using traditional and eco-friendly diving methods from depths of 25-60 meters in the Mediterranean Sea.


Suitable for white dogs

How to use

Shampoo: Dilute with lukewarm water, strictly following the dilution guide on the packaging. Apply half on damp coat, massage it in, rinse well, and repeat with the remaining diluted product. Avoid excess use that could result in blue hue residue on the hair. Towel and blow dry using low to medium heat. Keep the hair dryer at a safe distance from the coat. Eyes: Pump a small amount of product on a lint-free fabric clean the area around the eyes. Using a new, clean cloth, remove the emulsion.

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Φανταστικό & Value For Money

Πολύ καλή υφή στο σαμπουάν, φανταστική μυρωδιά και το κυριότερο δεν χρειάζεται πολύ ποσότητα. Το No More Stains το δοκίμασα πρώτη φορά, πραγματικά πολύ εύκολο στην χρήση χωρίς να ενοχλεί καθόλου το ζώο! Το σφουγγάρι, το κράτησα για μένα !