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Dog Mouthwash for Bad Breath Treatment | "Oral Care"

Dog Mouthwash for Bad Breath Treatment | "Oral Care"

75 mL

Νatural oral care for healthy dog smiles!

Safe care for the dog's fresh breath and for optimal oral health

- With 95% Natural Ingredients, including antibacterial non-nano Colloidal Silver and moisturizing agents such as Glycerin, Sorbitol, Red Willow extract and Betaine.

- Combats bacterial growth, microbial plaque, and persistent bad breath with Chlorophyll-Copper complex and Zinc Citrate.

- With a mild and delicious Strawberry taste!

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Mouthwash for dogs that prevents plaque and reduces bad breath. Its natural ingredients, including Colloidal Silver, Glycerin, and Red Willow extract, combat bacteria and microbial plaque. Hyaluronic Acid enhances moisture and Chlorophyll-Copper complex reduces odors. Keep your pet's oral health in check with Top Dog Oral Care Solution


| Prevents Oral plaque formation
| Combats bad doggy breath
| Mild Pleasant taste
| Easy application
| Vegan

Natural Origin Ingredients

Ultrapure Water | Glycerin | Sorbitol | Chlorophyll-Copper
Complex | Colloidal Silver | Red Willow Extract


Suitable for Dogs

How to use

Suitable for daily use. A light brushing of the teeth after the application or Oral Care is recommended for better results.
Dogs <15kg 1 (one) spray covering as much teeth surface as possible.
Dogs >15kg Spray 2 (two) times covering as much teeth surface as possible.

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