The Huggalistas Bloggers*, offering Dog Grooming Tips from experience!

Our bloggers – “the Hugalistas” - met at a dog grooming salon. They became friends after realizing that, despite their differences, they all share a mutual dislike for water, a love for carrot treats, and an aversion to dog parks. These shared quirks became the foundation of their camaraderie.

Their dislike for water also meant that they all had eventful stories to tell about dog bath time. So, they decided to share these stories with the world!

Let’s meet them.


A black Labrador mix, sitting in front of a laptop

MILO | A lovable Labrador Mix with a short coat and an insatiable appetite. Milo has an infectious energy and a mischievous streak. He visited the salon because he had gotten into a few too many messy encounters with muddy puddles during his walk with his hooman.                                                            

A brownish Golden Retriever in front of a house stairs


RUBY | A graceful and elegant Golden Retriever with a long, flowing coat. Eva is gentle, intelligent, and highly social. She came to the salon for a pampering session to maintain her beautiful coat and get rid of those tangles.


A long-haired Yorkshire Terrier, face close up


STELLA | A sassy and charismatic Yorkshire Terrier with a sleek, silky long coat. Stella may be small, but she has a big personality. She visited the salon for a chic makeover to maintain her fabulous shine.


A Poodle dog with curly coat running towards

NOODLE | A witty, lively, fun-loving, curly goofball Poodle with a taste for silliness! Noodle, although a bit shy at first, is full of personality and loves to make others laugh. Noodle needed an immediate grooming spa as his atopic skin is flaring up again and is in need of itchiness relief



Inspired by their newfound friendship and united by the fact that their pet parents are always giving them long lectures with arguments of why it is required to keep the dog grooming routine, they decided to at least make the most out of it and share all this new knowledge with their fur buddies.



*Disclaimer: Although based on real situations and many messy dog baths and care sessions,  this is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events, or incidents, are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual dogs, persons, or actual events is purely coincidental. This short story’s intended purpose is to simply add the playful and infectious personalities of dogs to our blog in our effort to see the world and the grooming routine through their eyes. The articles are written by our human team after research and consultation, as well as our personal experience as pet parents.