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Dogs Care Bundle for the face and mouth | "Ears, Breath, Tears"

Dogs Care Bundle for the face and mouth | "Ears, Breath, Tears"

Because it's all in their head!

Fight bad breath, remove tears stains and clean dog's ears, safely on a frequent basis

Ear & Skin care 3in 1 Daily cleansing, antifungal protection, and care for those doggy ears! Also acts as a coat deodorant and provides first aid for skin irritations.

No More Stains Dog Tear Stains Cleaning emulsion. Ophthalmologically tested, multi-action cleansing designed specifically to naturally remove tear stains around dogs' eyes.

Oral Care Dog Mouthwash that prevents plaque formation and reduces bad dog breath. With a pleasant mild strawberry taste.

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Prevention can save us from the hassle of finding a solution. Maintaining the oral, ear and eyes hygiene of our pets is essential to keep them healthy and comfortable. Ear, eye and dental infections are not only painful and uncomfortable for pets, but the cost and complication of treating them can be quite a struggle for pet parents and pets alike. Ear & skin Care 3in1, No More Stains and Oral Care offer a natural products comprehensive care support for your dog with an easy application.


Bundle's combined benefits:
| Prevents Oral plaque formation
| Combats bad doggy breath
| Easy application
| Ophthalmologically tested (No More Stains), cleans tear stains
| Moisturizes and Soothes
| Regenerates cells
| Deep cleansing and neutralization of bacteria
| Help in preventing ear infections (Ear & Skin 3in1)
| Deodorant properties for the whole body
| Healing action
| Strengthens the pet's defenses against fungi and yeasts
| Daily hygiene

Natural Origin Ingredients

NO MORE STAINS: Ultrapure Water | Blueberry | Sugarcane | Orange | Lemon Maple | Euphrasia | Hamamelis | Chamomile | Green Tea | Vitamin E & C

EARS & SKIN 3in1: Ultrapure Water | Silver Microparticles 24ppm | Mint extract | Tea Tree essential Oil

ORAL CARE: Ultrapure Water | Glycerin | Sorbitol | Chlorophyll-Copper Complex | Colloidal Silver | Red Willow Extract


Suitable for all dogs

How to use

Ear & skin Care: Spray on a cotton disc or cotton cloth and clean the area around the ear canal.
No More Stains: Pump a small amount of product on a lint-free fabric or cotton pad and clean the area around the eye, massaging lightly following the direction of the fur. Using a new, clean cloth, remove the emulsion along with the secretions.
Oral care: Dogs <15kg 1: spray covering as much teeth surface as possible.
Dogs >15kg :Spray 2 times covering as much teeth surface as possible.

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