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Dog Coat Brushing Aid | Ideal for Long Hair Dogs | "Easy Comb"

Dog Coat Brushing Aid | Ideal for Long Hair Dogs | "Easy Comb"

150 mL

Painless brushing for a silky, stunning look!

Make everyday dog coat brushing effortless, painless and tangle-free!

- Easy to use, no-rinse, powerful lotion that eliminates static electricity, prevents frizz, and untangles hair.

- With Plant Keratin and softening agents offering a silky texture and maintain the coat's natural form.

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Easy Comb Dog Combing Styling Spray is a powerful antistatic lotion that makes everyday combing effortless and painless. Ideal for long-haired dogs, it eliminates static electricity and prevents frizz and tangled hair, while the plant Keratin and softening agents give the coat a silky texture and maintain its natural form. Easy to use and no-rinse required.


| Easy daily combing
| Helps detangling
| Eliminates static electricity
| Prevents frizz
| Offers a silky texture
| Does not grease the coat
| Vegan

Natural Origin Ingredients

Ultrapure Water | Olive Oil |Plant Keratin


Suitable for all coat types of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Horses.

How to use

Step 1
Spray daily on a dry coat from a distance of about 20 cm. Spray freely and evenly throughout the coat, avoiding the eyes and nose of the pet.
Step 2
Brush/ Comp the coat with a pet-suitable comb or brush, always following the direction of the coat.
Does not require rinsing.

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