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Dog Conditioner Mask for Dry Dog Coat Repair | "Green Clay"

Dog Conditioner Mask for Dry Dog Coat Repair | "Green Clay"

200 mL

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Lustrous shine, exceptional texture and volume: A healthy dog coat!

- Specially formulated for hard-haired pets.

- Rich composition with 80% Active Aloe, natural essential oils, Panthenol and Plant Keratin Amino Acids for deep moisturization. 

- With nourishing Green Clay for coat and skin restoration.

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The Green Clay mask is a deep repair mask for pets with hard hair types. It provides exceptional texture, volume, and lasting grooming. Its rich composition with 80% Active Aloe and other natural oils deeply moisturizes the coat, Green Clay restores the coat and skin and Panthenol along with Plant Keratin Amino Acids gives shine.


| Coat Repair
| Deep Hydration
| Shine
| Texture & Volume
| Vegan

Natural Origin Ingredients

Ultrapure Water | Green Clay | Aloe Vera | Olive Oil |Argan
Oil | Primrose Oil | Jojoba Oil | Calendula Oil | Plant Keratin


Suitable for use on dogs, cats, and horses.

How to use

Dilute the mask in a little hot water, stir gently until it becomes liquid, and add cold water to create a lukewarm mixture according to the dilution chart below.

Apply the diluted mixture to the entire coat, massage lightly, and rinse thoroughly, making sure not to leave any residue on the pet's coat and skin. If the bathing process is enjoyable for your pet, leave the mask to act for a few minutes.

Remove as much moisture as possible with a towel and then dry completely

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