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Dog Perfume with shower-fresh smell | "White Musk"

Dog Perfume with shower-fresh smell | "White Musk"

75 mL

Indulge in doggy cuddles with a touch of elegance.

Reveal a long-lasting White Musk smell of cleanliness, while taking care of the dog's coat

- Water-based, alcohol-free, safe for frequent use.

- Enriched with Macadamia extract with antioxidant and anti-aging properties, and Panthenol, and Vitamin E for deep nourishment of the skin and coat.


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White Musk is an alcohol-free, fragranced lotion for dogs. It refreshes and moisturizes the coat with a delightful, long-lasting musk scent. Enriched with Macadamia extract for antioxidant and moisturizing properties, plus Panthenol and Vitamin E for deep moisturization. Enjoy cuddling with your pet and the timeless scent of classic musk while providing essential care for their skin and coat.


| Long-lasting scent
| Water-based
| Alcohol-free
| Μoisturizes the coat
| Delightful, fresh scent
| Vegan

Natural Origin Ingredients

Ultrapure Water | Macadamia Oil | Vitamin E


Suitable for dogs

How to use

Shake the bottle before use. Spray on the pet's clean coat from a distance of ~25 cm according to the application instructions, avoiding the area near the nose and eyes. This moisturizing scented lotion is hypoallergenic, water-based, and alcohol-free, and its slow-release technology delivers a long-lasting fragrance.

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