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Dog Shampoo and Conditioner for Shiny Coat | "Flower Mix"

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner for Shiny Coat | "Flower Mix"

250 mL

The beauty of a blossoming dog coat!

For a dog bath smelling like spring, offering shimmering shine even on dull coats

- With nourishing blend of 40% active Aloe, Olive oil, Panthenol, and Vitamin E for coat and skin repair, and Rosemary extract for enhanced shine and elasticity.

- Money-saving, dilutable in 1:20 ratio (shampoo : water )

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Flower Mix Pet Shampoo & Conditioner enhances coat shine and elasticity with Rosemary extract. Its emollient formula eases combing and aids in painless dead hair removal. Suitable for all coat types, it contains 40% active Aloe, gentle cleansing agents, Olive oil, Panthenol, and Vitamin E to repair and moisturize the skin.


| Enhances the coat's shine and elasticity
| Bright Color
| Moisturization & Softness
| Coat Strength
| Enticing Flowery smell
| Money-saving, dilutable shampoo - 1:20 ratio (shampoo : water)
| Vegan

Natural Origin Ingredients

Ultrapure Water | Aloe Vera |Olive Oil |Rosemary Oil | Vitamin Ε


All coats types of dogs, cats, and horses.

How to use

Dilute with lukewarm water using the dilution guide provided on the packaging. For optimum cleansing and ingredient activation, apply half of the diluted product to a dry or damp coat, massage it in, rinse well, and repeat with the remaining diluted product. Dry your pet's coat thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth and skin irritation. Towel dry to remove as much moisture as possible, then dry with a hair dryer using low to medium heat. Keep the hair dryer at a safe distance from the coat.

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