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Dog Skin Problems | Care and Treatment | "Derma Restore"

Dog Skin Problems | Care and Treatment | "Derma Restore"

200 mL

Intense moisturization and dog skin revival

Treat multiple dog skin problems such dermatitis, dry skin, calluses, hardened skin

- Especially formulated to rejuvenate and restore the skin, by providing deep moisturization and removing dead cells while stimulating the regeneration of new ones.

- Balances sebum levels, and fortifies skin resilience.

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A game-changing solution for intense moisturization and skin regeneration in dogs. Rejuvenates and restores the skin, targeting calluses, dermatitis, and dry, hardened skin. Enriched with Sulphur, Fruit Acids, White Willow Extract, and essential oils facilitates dead cell removal, and new cell regeneration. It fortifies the protective skin barrier. Harnesses Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Plant ceramides for skin resilience and nourishment. Transform your pet's skin with Derma Restore Cream.


| Skin Repair and Restoration
| Deep Moisturization
| Skin dead cell Removal
| Regeneration of skin cells
| Skin barrier strengthening
| Skin relief
| 95% Natural Ingredients

Natural Origin Ingredients

Ultrapure Water | Fruit Acids | Calendula Oil | Aloe Vera | Vitamins C and Ε | Olive Oil | Plant Ceramides | Sulfur |Tea Tree Oil | Eucalyptus Oil | Rosemary Oil | Bentonite Clay


Suitable for Dogs

How to use

Use a generous amount of cream daily on hardened skin spots, calluses to help the generation of new cells and the removal of dead ones. Massage it in until the cream is completely absorbed.

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