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Dog Tear Stains Cleaning and Moisturization | "No More Stains"

Dog Tear Stains Cleaning and Moisturization | "No More Stains"

50 mL

Naturally eliminate stains around the eye area

Easy and effective cleaning of dog tear stains 

- Ophthalmologically tested emulsion, safe for daily use.

- With Silver Ions that break down discoloration and prevent microbial growth. 

- Also with Hamamelis, Euphrasia, Chamomile, Green Tea extract, Aloe Vera, and Fruit Acid extracts for deodorization, soothing, and microbial growth prevention.

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No More Stains is a multi-action emulsion for tear stains. With 11 natural ingredients, Vitamins E & C, it cleanses, moisturizes, soothes, and regenerates skin and hair cells. Fruit Acid extracts prevent microbial growth. Ophthalmologically tested, perfect for daily use. Contains silver ions for discoloration breakdown, Hamamelis, Euphrasia, Chamomile, and Green Tea extract for deodorizing and soothing effects.


| Ophthalmologically tested
| Cleans tear stains
| Breaks down secretions
| Moisturizes and Soothes
| Regenerates cells
| With 11 natural ingredients
| Vegan

Natural Origin Ingredients

Ultrapure Water | Blueberry | Sugarcane | Orange | Lemon
Maple | Euphrasia | Hamamelis | Chamomile | Green Tea | Vitamin E & C


Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Horses

How to use

Step 1
Pump a small amount of product on a lint-free fabric (e.g. cotton cloths) or cotton pad and clean the area around the eye, massaging lightly following the direction of the fur.
Step 2
Using a new, clean cloth, remove the emulsion along with the secretions.
Step 3
Repeat the same process for the other eye using a new, clean cloth.

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