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Dog Grooming Spray for Shiny Coat | "Bright Shine"

Dog Grooming Spray for Shiny Coat | "Bright Shine"

75 mL

Unleash their beauty with a glossy finale!

Achieve the perfect styling with a shiny finish for the dog's coat

- Does not require rinse and does not leave residue.

- With nourishing blend of ingredients for a silky, smooth feel.

- Ideal as a finishing touch, providing amazing shine and a polished look.

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Enhance your dog's coat shine with Bright Shine Styling spray. With 80% Natural Ingredients, its blend of light silicones, Argan oil, and vitamin E promotes coat health while providing a lustrous finish. Non-greasy and residue-free, this spray leaves your dog's coat silky and smooth. Use after brushing for an amazing shine and a flawless, polished look.


| Gives Astonishing Shine
| Moisturizes
| Does not slick the coat
| No rinsing required
| Protects the coat
| Vegan

Natural Origin Ingredients

Argan Oil | Vitamin E


Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Horses

How to use

Apply at the end of the grooming routine. Keeping a distance of about 20 cm, spray on the coat in the form of a mist. Spray evenly all over the coat avoiding the eye and nose area. 1 to 3 sprays are enough depending on the weight of the pet.
Note: Does not require rinsing.

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